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I Can Only Imagine

At Kalan's Homecoming, his friends told memories of when they went skydiving in Mexico and when they tied mattresses behind their trucks in the winter time and went "sledding"! Here is a funny story told by his friends of the time they went to Mexico. Sorry if I miss a few parts of the story, but you'll get the main idea. He is talented beyond his years. Wayne Gretzky, newly crowned King of the world as far as anyone north of the 49th parallel is concerned comes over and asks to hold their newborn baby.

Ask any Canadian — that would be a hard moment to beat for most memorable. The ease with which he performed on stage in front of millions and his strength of conviction was undeniable. Pegged from the beginning as the one to watch, Kalan Porter used his natural talent, years of trained skill, hard work and charm to out maneuver everyone else and skate straight to the top. It had to be a part of my life. He is classically trained on violin and viola at the Royal Conservatory of Music by world renowned violinist and mentor Michael van der Sloot.

Having co-written several tracks on the album, his debut showcases the different sides of Kalan Porter, leaving the listener eager to hear his next offering.

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My mom has said that at the age of 18 months I was able to hum part of Brahms' Lullaby and I haven't stopped singing since. What is your favourite song to sing?

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What CD would your friends be surprised you own? They'd probably be surprised at the number of classical music CDs I own.

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Who in the music world do you think your style is most like? How would your friends describe you? They'd probably say that I'm a good friend with a great sense of humour. They'd also say I have my head on straight when it comes to making good choices in my life and that I'm a lot of fun to be with because I'm game for just about any activity. Besides performing, what other talents do you have? Other than singing I have played the violin and viola for 10 years. I perform solo, with a quartet and in an orchestra. I also play guitar, bass and piano in my family band.

Kalan Porter-Single Violin Solo

I snowboard, wakeboard, run and play rec volleyball. What are your goals in life? I'm presently pursuing a career in the music industry. I am hoping the Canadian Idol experience will open up some doors in this area. What is your definition of a Canadian Idol? An extremely talented singer and performer who has the integrity and personality to be an excellent ambassador for Canada.

Slow road to fame suits rising country star MacKenzie Porter

Who is your Canadian Idol? My Canadian Idols are people like Rick Hansen who have overcome adversity to achieve something that makes a difference in the lives of Canadians. Who in the Canadian Idol Top 11 did you identify with the most? I identified most with Billy Klippert because he is from Alberta and we share similar tastes in music. Jazz in tone equal temperament. Joe Maneri: clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, piano; Joe Morris: electric guitar; Mat Maneri: electric 6 string violin.

The musical exchanges between Joe and his son Mat on electric 6-string violin - employing the grammar of Father Maneri's notes-per-octave microtonal system - are like nothing else in jazz. Improvisations by the Maneri Quartet. Leo Lab. Choral music performed by ensemble Accentus cond. Laurence Equilbey. A progressive blues fusion evokes Harmonic Clouds over the delta. In 12 and tone equal temperament for electronic instruments.

Daagnim Records. Jazz on trumpet, bass trumpet, 'hybrid' trumpet and extensions, slide trumpet, drums and cymbals. True Muze Micro-East Collective: "". Theodore Kuchar; National Choir of Ukraine, dir. Evgeny Savtchouk. Uses a wide range of styles and microtonality. Double CD, Naxos, Naxos 8. In this CD, he blends minimalism, microtonal tunings, and improvisation. The title comes from one of a series of religious leaflets pasted on lampposts in lower Manhattan. Actually, the temperature of this music is pretty high.

TZ Dexter Morrill: "Quartet ", 2nd movement. Computer music in extended just intonation. Larry Polansky: "V'leem'shol And to rule In tone e. The melody from Nelson's MIDI-horn is transformed in a fractal way by computer and controls 16 synthesizer modules. Performed by S. Minimalist sampled non-stop looped flutes with micro-intervals. Works for layered string quartets, flute, bass flute, sampler and synthesizer. Performed by Ingo Metzmacher et al. Andrei Tarkovski".

Erato Maurice Ohana: "Lys de madrigaux" for female choir, piano, zither, organ and percussion. Roland Hayrabedian.

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Opus , Pauline Oliveros' beautiful and haunting drone music is heard here in the heights of perfection: Argentinian band Reynols has reconstructed and recomposed her massive solo accordion source tapes to give a result that is at once scintillating and at times bewildering and brutal outbursts of "Reynolian" expressions that cling to the ear's memory long after listening.

Creamgarden Records, Quartertone guitar music with North-African influences. Mountain Records, Portuguese group that uses a didgeridoo, Jewish harp and "percuted maranhophone" for microtonal structures in parallel with conventional instruments for chord structures. Staalplaat, Rock music with microtonal oriental influence. Indeed, they combine the power of Xenakis with the microtonal explorations of Scelsi. Performed by Costallos, Durham and Earle. Some of the 78 rpm dubs were played back too fast and Harry's voice sounds peculiarly falsetto. Otherwise superb. Harry Partch: " Enclosure V ". Conducted by Danlee Mitchell.


Performed by the Kronos Quartet on "Howl, U. Stone, Allen Ginsberg, voice. Nonesuch, Performed by the Gate 5 Ensemble. On "Gay American Composers Vol. Nonesuch Harry Partch: " The Wayward " A collection of musical compositions based on the spoken and written words of hobos and other characters.

Dean Drummond.

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  • Bridge Records, This famous orchestral piece begin with strings glissandi and has quarter-tone clusters. VMM Also on Capitol. Performed by the Polish Symphony Orchestra cond. Krzysztof Penderecki. Contains "Camping in the Backyard", "Concerto for bassoon and homemade instruments", "The bouncing streetlights of nome", "Theme and variations in 13 equal", "Zeugledon" and "Glyptodont". Larry Polansky: " Simple Harmonic Motion ". Instrumental music in extended just intonation.

    On "New sights and sounds for harpsichord", Annelie de Man, harpsichord. Three themes form the composition's starting point. Rather contradictory characters proceed from the first two themes. The quotation at the end, 'later when I'm grown up', leaves the imaginary possibility for further development. Eighteen tones of the 2nd manual are tuned a quarter-tone higher or lower. Based on a scale of 42 pitches spectral scordatura. Auvidis Montaigne, Arditti String Quartet.